Hacking Away at Life: Ketogenic Diet

I’m far overdue for an sort of update to this site. I haven’t been tinkering anywhere near the level I was at while I was unemployed/freelancing and it shows. I simply don’t have the energy for it, and honestly, there’s nothing fitting my geek/cyclist theme to talk about lately. I work, I go home, I read for a bit, and I rack out between 10 and 11. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Getting my shit together is my big thing right now — I want to drop the spare tire I’ve added since I left my downtown office job and my 25-mile bike commute behind. Getting off the ADD meds hasn’t helped either — those stimulants burned a LOT of calories every day.

So here I am, approximately 40 pounds over my race weight1, almost 46 years old, and feeling every day of it. I just hit the point of frustration this morning. So I got to the office, and decided to just fucking go for it. I looked up what I could/couldn’t have on the ketogenic diet (without getting into the fine-tuned details), and hit the salad bar. I needed to wash down some Advil (sore throat, flu-like symptoms), so I bought a Diet Coke, which is weird, but tolerable. And that was my lunch. A small salad and a Diet Coke. Normally, this would be a burger or pizza, and I’d supplement that with a ridiculous amount of sugary garbage.

Not anymore. I’m bringing in a water bottle to work tomorrow so that I don’t end up pumping myself full of Nutrasweet or stevia or whatever. I need to be off that train altogether.

So, it’s a start, I guess. We’ll see where this goes.