Halloween Weekend

Friday, I left work at about 1pm and hauled my ass up to Princeton to build. I stayed for about five hours and got myself monumentally frustrated with the back-end of the lugged commuter frame. Dropouts appear to line up properly, but once I do a visual on the frame, the wheel is off to one side and canted at a slight angle. While I was looking at it on Saturday, I came up with a theory. I’ll be delving into that again this coming weekend. In order to get ahead of the curve, I started in on the small fixtures — I got the bottle bosses in and started mitering the chainstay and seatstay bridges, and put the caps on the seatstays with bronze. I hope to have the weird alignment issue fixed this weekend and all the parts in-place, so I can get this sucker off to powdercoating. I got home from Princeton late, cleaned the kitchen and the guest room, and went to bed. I had to be Sober Cab™ for Kate and her friends at about 2:15 in the morning, but that was okay.

On Saturday, I woke up early. The first order of business was to get Scout to the vet for a routine check-up. Scout does not like going into the kennel and even hearing the sound of its door rattling will send him slinking at high speed into another part of the house. So we lured him into a room using canned food, wrapped him in a towel, and then stuffed him into the kennel. When I picked up the box, he started to spazz — hard. Got out to the car, got about four blocks and realized that he’d bloodied his nose during his panic. During the drive to the vet’s, he was pretty vocal, making these loud yowling noises that sounded more like a tropical bird than a cat. Check-up went fine, he’s in great health, he was quiet and calm when he got his shots (including the microchip, which has a HUGE needle). He only had any issues when he was being moved back from the scale into the bottom half of his kennel and he yowled against a few times. On the drive home, he stuffed his face into the back of the kennel and cowered and didn’t make a sound. At home, he ran and hid under the chaise lounge upstairs, where he stayed for a good eight hours.

After Scout was home safe, Kate and I went to Macy’s where we fulfilled the rest of the “have to have” stuff on our wedding registry. They’re having a huge sale, plus we got to combine it with 20% off of the stuff we’d registered for. Our approximate savings was about 50%. We came home with a carload of stuff, mostly bedding and kitchen stuff, and saved over $1000. Suh-weet. Highlights include memory foam pillows and mattress pad, 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and a Keurig coffee maker. From Macy’s we went and got Kate’s car from where she left it on Friday night (the office), and then I went and got my Halloween costume for the party at Matt and Jenni‘s place. I went as Dug from Up! — a dog mask, collar, and the “cone of shame” — there were pics taken, but none posted yet. The cone lasted about 2/3rds of the night, but became way too uncomfortable. I did figure out what I’m doing for next year’s costume, though, and I need to get started on that soon.

Doing shots while wearing the cone of shame is tough! Thanks to Jenni for the picture.

Sunday was planned to be pretty lazy, but didn’t turn out that way. I had to drive up to Princeton again, to pick up some stuff I forgot to bring home with me on Friday. Got home, did some lazing-about with Kate. She left for yoga class and I did some cleaning and watched the Vikes-Pats. We looked good up until we choked on the TD attempt at the end of the first half. T-Jack looked pretty good, too, playing for Favre after he got his chin clipped. Kate came home with about 3 minutes on the clock and let me know that we were going to the Prosens’ place, which is cool — they’re pretty awesome folks and fun to hang out with. Home, sleep.

Today, I’m at the office. Tonight, I’m meeting up with another local framebuilder for a beer and to offload a set of dropouts on him. After that, setting up the drafting board and doing up a couple of blueprints. Fun!