Happy 2nd Birthday, Sam!

Dear Sam,

Today you are two, and those years you’ve been with us have been eventful. I wish I could say your life was stable and rational and that, as a result, it was easier for you to make sense of the world. The cool thing is, you’ve handled it all like a champ. You take it all in stride. You’ve got a huge smile, a loud laugh, and a hilarious sense of humor for someone who’s two.

I wish I was more like you. Outgoing, cheerful, carefree. I think we were all those things once, and that some of us just lose those over the passage of years. And I hope that you’re one of the people who never lose that.

It’s been a sheer joy watching you start to develop a personality, to hear your vocabulary explode, to watch your fearless exploration of the world.

I can’t wait to see more. Happy birthday, baby boy.