Happy Friday!

Holy shit can you believe it’s the weekend already? Yeah, I know, four-day week and all that. Still, this week, like the others before it, has FLOWN by. I’m ready to have a weekend.

Definitive Plans

  • take the kids to Brickmania
  • go for a bike ride — maybe do the Birchwood recovery ride on Sunday (10 a.m.)? missed the Birchwood departure, but knocked out a big ride with some hefty climbs…good stuff.
  • clip fingernails
  • set fantasy football lineup
  • get my new (admittedly not very impressive) plugin into the WordPress repository
  • find my teeth whitening trays, whiten teeth


  • Get major work done on my monstrosity wordpress plugin
  • Gear up for the gym on Monday night
  • Update to OS X 10.11 GM
  • Write my private Dynamic DNS client for Mac for to make the awesomes (first crack at coding in Swift!)

Image Credits: unsplash.com/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).