Happy New Year and Such…

Well, it’s 2008. This August, it’ll have been a decade since I left Mankato State University with a B.A. in English (Creative Writing), and I figured it’s high time I got something published. So my 2008 resolutions included writing a new short story every month (and getting it in circulation), and getting the novel I’ve started completed by the end of the year. Both fairly realistic goals.

Anyway, a few hours ago, I sat down and opened Word. I formatted the document properly, left it open and sitting there, and ruminated. A small germ of an idea came to me. And I ruminated some more. A few ideas came, but nothing that would provide an awesome set of twists to make for a memorable story. So I grabbed one of those books, the one with creative “sparks” that will start pushing you in a direction. I opened to a page and it said, “Imagine a place no one has ever seen before.”

Wham! Instant flood of ideas. We’re getting somewhere! I’m starting to feel pretty good about this, and if it goes well, that’s going to have an influence on whether or not I apply to Viable Paradise this year.

So, from my POV, this is 2008 getting off on the right foot. I hope yours is, too.