Happy Sunday

This is going to be one of those list-style entries, because I’ve got all manner of little items to address.

1. It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season, and damn if I’m not thrilled about that. Vikings-Browns today. Should be an easy win for the Vikes, which is, you know, okay with me.

2. Had a yard sale with friends yesterday. Made some money. Most of it is going to Vegas.

3. Got some housework to do before Kate comes home from “up north” this morning, so this is going to be a short entry.

4. I think the USB ports in my Mac Mini are dying. Christ. Just what I needed.

5. Going for a ride after the game. Intervals, baby.

6. Speaking of the bike, I need to apply the fit data I’ve learned to the ‘cross bike and the commuter. I haven’t decided on the time trial bike yet, because I may sell that and put the money toward a Cervelo P3.

7. Update on my new MTB shoes — they were sent to the wrong Shimano warehouse. They’re en route to the proper address as of Friday, and I should have a new pair in my grubby little paws by the end of the week. I’ll go through the fitting process after I’m back from Vegas, and modify my ‘cross fit then, too.