Happy Thriday

It’s Thursday, but it’s my Friday1, as I’ve got tomorrow off for wedding preparations. We’ve got a few things to address on Friday and on Sunday, including passport application for me (my old one expired some time ago, and I shredded it), and our food-tasting.

Things are plugging along here. I was up in Princeton last night after the office, working on the niner frame. I made excellent progress once again. En route to the shop, I also stopped off in Otsego to get some waterjetting arranged for, and was gifted a set of vinyl paint masks. Pretty awesome.

So much going on that I haven’t written about, and probably won’t explore in-depth now that it is in the past. Here’s the bullet-point recap for you PowerPointy types:

  1. went to Allie and Pete’s wedding, spent so much of the day smiling that my cheeks hurt all day Sunday
  2. still reading Armor; after a very solid start, the middle sort of collapsed
  3. work on 101 Things list post for the 30th of this month

1. Thus, “Thriday”…