Harebrained Idea

So I had a very interesting conversation yesterday, and afterwards, it sparked the idea of trying to use FDM (fused deposition modeling) to build a plastic bicycle frame. I think that some basic sketching is in-order this weekend, trying to get the brain wrapped around the idea of building a frame with the technology. I’m not sure that ABS plastic is the best choice of frame materials with regards to weight, durability, and flexibility, but if it’s cheap to run off a single copy, I might take a stab at it in the next year.

We’re going to file this under Operation: Pigsfly.

The goal is to build a time-trial frame that incorporates the primary design features of the Cervelo P3 I’ve lusted after, along with minor features of other time trial bikes. Provided the cost for a one-off frame isn’t too exorbitant, I’ll run one off and race it in the Black Dog TT series (or similar) for a season and see how it holds up.

There’s no real plan for this, other than to see if it’s feasible. Call it a fun experiment. I’ll keep you posted.