Headed Into the Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. I’ll be using it as an opportunity to continue to get things done around the house and in the workshop. I’m hoping to get out for a road ride at some point — with all the rain lately, I have no doubt that the local singletrack will be closed.

Been awhile since my last therapy session, and the next one isn’t until the 1st of June. The anxiety isn’t as bad since I’ve become aware of it and started taking steps to alleviate the root causes of it. It’s still there, though, and I still find myself a million miles away from being “in the moment” because I have stuff flitting about in my brain. It just happens less frequently.

Should have a trio of bikes wrapped-up and ready to go this weekend — Paul’s road frame (which has needed 30 minutes of work done to it for the last few months), Justin’s MTB frame (which didn’t go as fast as I’d previously planned), and Alena’s road frame. With Jamie’s clydesdale road frame not too far behind it — by Sunday the front triangle should be finished with nice pretty fillets, and the chainstays should be on. The only things that I’m really sweating are the segmented fork and seatstays. I’m a bit pessimistic on that front, but will find a way to make it work.

In the house, I want to check progress on the drying-out of the crawlspace (I did hear the sump kick in this morning as I was leaving for work), and see how that’s progressing. Additionally, I need to:

  • weed whack the fence line
  • lay some grass seed in a few spots
  • extend a few downpipes on the gutters
  • extend the sump line
  • patch the singular hole in our siding from the hailstorm a couple weeks ago
  • put down a few new mousetraps in the garage — of the original four, two were triggered, one has vanished(!), and the last is still sitting there

So it’ll be a busy weekend, but I suspect it’ll still feel more like this:

Cats by the Window
Lazy bastards.