Headway: CX Frame, Part 8

The project continues. I’m over a week late on this update due to a number of things, including a hellacious week at the office, the ongoing house hunt and related drama, and a number of other things that I am trying to cope with on the Personal Project front (including migrating all my sites off of A2 Hosting and onto Digital Ocean). And to be completely honest, until I saw this particular Tweet yesterday, an update on the CX frame was completely off my radar:

So here’s what’s shaking.


Last session, I did the finishing work on the chainstay/dropout joins, which is much easier to do when they’re not part of the frame. The chainstays had been pre-mitered for me, so once the clean-up work was done, it was time to get them brazed onto the bottom bracket shell. The brazing was a little tricky as the Columbus Life chainstays are pretty thin, and the BB shell is pretty thick. When I pulled it out of the fixture, it came out pretty clean. My wheel went into it pretty smoothly, too. There’s some minor alignment issues, but nothing that can’t be tweaked during a cold-setting process or with a minor tweak to the dropout depth on one side.

Next Up

I’m going to need to finish the fillet at the top tube/seat tube junction, and then prep the seatstays. That will chew up the entire next session, in all likelihood. After that, the tasks look like this:

  • align front triangle
  • align chainstays
  • install seatstays
  • finish fillets
  • put in chainstay and seatstay bridges
  • small parts and associated clean-up
  • slot seat tube
  • build fork

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