Health Addendum

Okay, so results of the MRI are in: I have some degradation of my C6-C7 disc in my neck. This does not come as much of a surprise to me. My upper back problems are strictly muscular in nature. The one big surprise was the WMH (white matter hyperintensity) on the front of my brain. While I was nervous, I’ve been assured by two different doctors (one within the VA, one from outside the VA) that this is nothing to worry about.

As part of my work-up yesterday, they opted to run an EKG, a PFT (pulmonary function test), do a chest x-ray, and draw a couple of vials of blood. The end result? A left anterior fascicular block in my heart, which is nothing to worry about. Bradycardia (slow heart beat) — in an endurance geek, go figure. Again, no big deal. Lung capacity is above average — in an endurance geek, go figure. Lung function is generally good, but they’re considering giving me an inhaler because the mid-range of the exhale volume is a little below average.

The bloodwork I’m still waiting on, obviously. That doesn’t get turned-around on the same day.

I have a PT consult set up to deal with my upper back/shoulder problems, but the huge issue there is that it isn’t until October 29th. I need to get back on the bike now if I’m going to be ready for cyclocross season. Going to find myself a massage therapist and pay them a visit. Soon. I need to get this fixed.

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  1. Well, if you’d stop beating your forehead on the desk, you wouldn’t build up callouses on the front of your brain (WMH).

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