Heck of a Weekend

So this is what I did with my weekend. Well, not all of it, but it did curtail a lot of plans that I had laid. First MTB run of the weekend, in Scenic State Park, and I fucking ate it hard on a fast, rocky, root-strewn descent.

Was coming down the descent from the Fire Tower at a pretty good clip. Heard a crashing noise in the woods next to me. Look over to see two white-tailed deer running parallel to me, and started trying to split my attention between them (making sure that they weren’t going to cut me off) and the trail. Unfortunately, the trail rewarded my lack of attentiveness with a big rock that sent me sailing over the handlebars, wherein I superman’ed it into the rocks and roots, including taking a rock off the top edge of the kneecap.

I screamed some profanities pretty loudly (and was ignored by the couple I had passed only a scant minute before), and then curled up on the trail and tried (successfully) to not puke due to the overwhelming pain in my right knee. Was pretty convinced I had broken it or dislocated it. Once I thought I had it in-hand, I got up and got on the bike. I made it a whole 10 feet before I was feeling so sick that I had to stop again. I waited an unknown amount of time — felt like 5 minutes, was probably longer — and then saddled up and limped the three miles back to the campground, putting as little pressure on it as was possible.

Back at camp, cleaned out the wounds as best as possible with the ancient first aid kits we had on-hand. The more time went on, the more obvious it was that I’d done some pretty bad damage to myself. Sunday morning, I packed it in and drove back down to Minneapolis. Hit urgent care. Got a pretty badly sprained shoulder, and thankfully the kneecap is not broken, chipped, or otherwise. Got some deep bruising and there’s a lot of fluid (a day later, my right knee is still considerably more puffy/nasty looking than the left).

As of Monday, more spots are starting to ache — the muscles around my left shoulder are pretty tight, and I’ve got some bruising in the left knee as well. If the knee continues to give me problems, they want an MRI. Joy.

Yes, the bike is fine. Surprisingly, it is not the first thing I worried about.
tl;dr: owwwww.

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