Hello Again

Been awhile since we’ve talked, huh? Yeah, I’m still alive. Things are going okay. I’ve had a bit of a span of self-realization lately. I won’t call it a “come to Jesus” as I’m still devoutly uninterested in religion. But yeah, other things have been murdering my focus on the blog, so I haven’t been updating as much as I should be.

Things are generally pretty good. Pallas Athena is chugging along — t-shirts available for pre-order, the workshop (pictured above) is being overhauled, and I’m chugging along. It’s all good.

Work is work. Don’t really want to discuss it.

Family? Well, one of the things I want to focus on more is my relationship with my wife, and preparation for the arrival of Edwin. Really the most important things I have in my life.

Writing? I’m taking it slow. Really slow. Maybe 200 words per day for the novel I’m working on. Good stuff, though. I may start picking up the pace a bit. I also need to get a piece done for Minneapolis Musette, and soon!

As for my 101 Things list, not a lot of progress this month. I need to get on that. Big-time.