Hello Again

So I seem to have gotten away from my usual schedule here. Again. It’s not really surprising, I suppose. Work1, Work2, plus home time have all conspired against my making regular posts here. Things that have happened recently:

1. I’ve started my fourth (fifth?) year at the bike shop, and I’d forgotten how much I love it there. We’ve got a good and stable mix of people, and adult leadership, so it’s an environment that I am starting to enjoy a lot more.

2. Last weekend, Kate and I spent the weekend at a B&B in Stillwater called the Elephant Walk. I highly recommend the place as it was the centerpiece of a perfect weekend.

3. Battlestar Galactica is done. And with that, my Friday nights now belong to me again! I started an insightful post, inspired by the finale, that talked about the importance of having some idea of a plot in-mind when you undertake the telling of a story. However, I’ve opted to consign that to the electronic dustbin of history — it’s not nearly as relevant and is obvious to anyone who watched the series.

Those are about it. More later.