Hello Distractions!

So yeah, I haven’t been posting here nearly as much as I should. Lots going on lately, between both jobs, Kate’s imminent departure for nine weeks, future brother-in-law home from Afghanistan, weather warm enough for biking, etc. You get the idea. Things are crazy.

I’ve been trying to find things to do while Kate’s gone — I’ll need the distraction because I’m going to miss her like mad. Sure, I’ll see her on weekends…but during the week, I’ll need stuff to do other than biking.

Thus, I’ve decided that I should learn to do a few things while she’s gone. The first thing I’m going to do is to get a cheap homebrew starter kit and start brewing some beer. That alone will be pretty cool. I’ve also wanted to start doing some light gardening in planter boxes out on our deck — just small stuff: peppers, spices, and oh, barley, which would be useful for the homebrew fun.

So those are my two big projects during May/June. I’ll probably have a few more going in here, but those will be more small-scale and related to things I already know. Things like re-skinning my e-commerce and social networking sites. Putting together a new font. Maybe crank out a couple of short stories. That sort of thing.

Regardless of distractions, it’s going to be a tough nine weeks.

3 thoughts on “Hello Distractions!”

  1. My boyfriend is leaving next Monday to go to Germany for 3 weeks. I’m only now starting to realize that we’re going to have NO contact the entire time he’s there unless he finds a web cafe to send me an update from. The thought of not hearing his voice for that long is making my skin crawl.

    So far I’ve set up girly dates with every female I’ve made contact with in the past year, purchased craft supplies and recorded a bunch of really mindless TV crap that he hates on DVR. I keep trying to tell myself that it’s going to be fun and liberating to have the whole bed to myself & all of that, but none of that makes me feel as good as knowing that those three weeks are going to be hard because we’re all in love and shit.

  2. 9 weeks? Where’s she going? Soon after Dave and I got together, I returned to Texas to study for and take the bar exam. We had only been together for about 7 weeks and were then apart for 2 1/2 months. It was brutal, probably mostly due to me having to study all the time. We only saw each other for one weekend during that time, but we talked pretty much everyday. I can’t believe that was almost 9 years ago now!

  3. Dan,

    Skip the barley; you’d need several acres to grow enough to brew a batch of beer. Grow the hops; most beer recipes use ounces of hops, and pounds of barley.

    If you’re serious about doing some homebrewing, give me a call; remember I started brewing about 30 years ago.


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