So I’ve been eyeball-deep in a project using elgg, which is at least a contributing factor to my lack of posts here. Once I get the re-skinning done, I should have more time for posts about the exotic, glamorous nature of my life. Until such time, however, I will either be at my day job, my part-time job, in the home office, or on my bike.

The bike is really looming in my mind right now. I need to renew my racing license and send the check to Birchwood that I forgot to send in December, so I can get back to my “attached rider” status and be eligible to race. Yesterday while driving to pick Kate up1 from her part-time gig, I spotted a guy on a Salsa Las Cruces — same frame I ride for cyclocross — and felt a stab of envy. He was out there riding, and I was being a cager2. Ugh. I must get out there ASAP.

Two issues with bike paint in the last week. First, the color of the Gunnar Ruffian frameset. I was all gung-ho to get the “Sunshine Yellow over Shamrock Green”, which is only available through the end of April. Making it a bit tight. Fortunately, the new limited-time color, “Sunset Red over Fine Gold” is available through the end of May, making this a much more reasonable prospect. And it looks ha-awwwwt. The other issue is the repainting of my Trek 720 frame. I’ve been emailing around to various frame restoring companies, and it looks like Airglow Painting out of Georgia is going to give me the best bang for my bike. Like half the price that CyclArt would charge me.

The Trek 720 is going to be a masterpiece when I’m finished with it. I’ve decided to thoroughly photo-document the process and will do some light video work to create a short piece on the restoration of the bike.

Image Credits: rawpixel/Creative Commons Zero (CC0)/Public Domain.