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Stormy, the Cat
Stormy, a resident at Home for Life.

This is Stormy. He was injured by blunt force trauma to his face, an injury that required one of his eyes to be removed. The other eye is covered in cataracts as a result of bleeding inside the eyeball. Stormy is blind, with no chance of having his sight restored. He’s our “new cat” — I put that in quotes because he won’t be coming home with us. Stormy lives at Home for Life, a facility in Stillwater that provides a home to sick, abused, and special needs animals, so that they can live out the remainder of their lives in a peaceful and safe environment. His whole story is here.

Kate and I sponsored Stormy so that he, and other animals like him, can continue to benefit from the work that Home for Life does. I know that a large majority of you that read this have pets, and I’d ask that if you haven’t done your good deed for the year yet, to please consider sponsoring one of their cats or dogs, or making a small donation.

(As a friendly note, keep a box of kleenex handy when you read some of the animal stories.)