Here’s Some Assorted Crap

  • I kinda sorta want an iPad. As a long-time Apple fanboy, I know that I should always avoid version 1.0 of their products. In six months, the price on that sucker will come down $100, and the feature set will expand. So I shall wait. Impatiently.
  • I got the Cervelo out for a ride last night for a couple of hours. It was an enjoyable experience. I did notice the difference with having a 42-tooth in front, as opposed to my 39-tooth on the Salsa. Also noticed that it doesn’t fit as well as the Salsa. Still thinking about selling it and replacing it with a P3. We’ll see.
  • Seriously thinking about skipping my 20-year high school reunion next year. I’m not the person I was two decades ago, and I have almost zero contact with my friends from that timeframe. I did my 10-year, and it was okay, but it wasn’t awesome, either. So yeah, the idea is mostly underwhelming.
  • The legs are pretty tired today, and the fatigue levels are up there. After my ride, I went to another one of those basketball games you hear so much about. I was a little bored, and very very tired. Once home, I struggled to get my contacts out, read a few pages, and then passed out. I didn’t get enough sleep, nor did I eat anything of any real worth after the ride, and thus, exhaustion.
  • One of these years, I really need to get my ass to Ax Man Surplus. I’ve got a lot of geek projects in-mind and want to start delving into them. This place would be a good jumping-off point.