Hey Kid

Hey Kiddo,

So much going on right now. You’re just past 13 months old, and so much has been changing. You’ve taken a few steps and fallen on your butt (but still prefer crawling to walking), and you’re getting a lot more talkative. Your third word was “dada”, just a few days ago, and you’re making a lot more sounds that sound like words.

It’s so crazy to see you just exploding from an infant into something…more. I lack the words for it, but it’s really awesome.

I find myself wondering how much of your personality is already ingrained, and how much will develop over time. Right now, your sense of humor is somewhat ‘dry’ (as best I can tell), you’re pretty curious about a lot of things, and you get frustrated easily if there’s something you’re failing to accomplish.

Watching you grow and develop is a wild ride. I can’t wait to see where this goes.