TempCat™ is not integrating as quickly as he did last time. I suspect the reason it worked so well before is that we had his CASTLE OF FASCINATING AWESOME (the cat tree) with him, and while he was in solitary confinement the inmates of Gen Pop were able to play with the COFA which smelled like him. He’s been out of solitary twice — once last night for about half an hour, and this morning for about half an hour. So far, it’s not too bad. He’s pretty nervous (outnumbered 4-to-1), and everyone’s a little on-edge. The only serious case of the butt-hurtz is Calvin, who was best buds with TempCat™ the last time he was here.

The weekend was pretty busy. The bike shop Saturday was far more busy than I had anticipated, and I got a lot done in the workshop on Sunday. The last thing you probably want is details about me building kids’ bikes on Saturday and shaping fillets with a die grinder and files on Sunday, though. Can we just say that I was pretty productive and leave it at that?