Holy Cats! You’re Four!

To me, you’ll always be the tiny baby who arrived so early and so small that I was afraid to hold him. And today, you are four years old. Those years have gone by in a blink and so much has changed — not just you, but the world around you — and it makes me afraid that the next fourteen years will do the same. And all I can think about today is that someday you’ll be big, tall, and leaving home and off to college or the army, or whatever, and you’ll still be my baby boy.

And today, you are four. Four! How did this happen? You went from quietly toddling about the house to a loquacious daredevil in the matter of a few heartbeats. Life has never been more interesting than it has the last four years.

Happy birthday, Edwin. I love you like crazy.

Image Credits: Dan Bailey/.