Holy F**king Weekend!

Man, one of the best weekends in the last few years!

Easy day at the office, got slaughtered in ping pong by Scott. Then went home, changed clothes, and dropped kid off at the babysitter. Had dinner at Mac’s Industrial with Kate, and then we went to the Atmosphere concert, which was pretty kickass. Home late, obvs.

Had to be up early, as Eddy had his first swimming lesson at 8:30. He handled it like a champ — calm, mellow, no tears, nothing, not even when he went full-on face underwater.

Eddy's First Swim Lesson
Eddy’s First Swim Lesson

After swimming, Kate and Eddy had a nap and I did some work in the garage. Got the whole thing cleaned up and the last of the small stuff installed. Shot a timelapse (pics every 30 seconds) during the festivities to make a short movie out of it. It didn’t turn out great, but I did get some really good shots out of this, including this one where I’m obviously confused by something:

Confused About Something

At some point I may even post that crappy timelapse video.

Another banner day. I got up early and got the lawn mowed before Kate had to leave for the Foss job. Eddy and I were tasked with spending time, which is always awesome fun. Prior to the Vikes game, he and I went to MOA for a new Apple TV remote, and I very nearly didn’t bring the diaper bag. Good thing I did, because he had a blowout in the car that left me gagging and having to roll the windows down.

We watched a good chunk of the Vikes game together. He was hanging out with mommy when they finally pulled out the win in overtime. I’ve got some strong opinions about the game, though, and will post those later.

After the game, I headed back out to the lawn, this time with the weed whacker. Pretty disappointed with the battery life on the Ryobi, and think I may have to invest in a second battery, as I only got halfway through the process. (Will be finishing that on Monday night.)

Grilled some dogs, did some more work in the workshop, and generally had an awesomesauce day.

Verdict: A++++.

Finished Workshop
Finished Workshop.