Homeowner Redux

So if you’re reading this, I’m a homeowner again. Yeah. A homeowner. What the hell, right?

So we bought a little plan in south Minneapolis, not far from the airport. Getting it up to where we want it to be is going to be a 10-year project, easy. (Barring lottery wins or a fuckton of freelance work coming in.) But it’s ours and we got it for about $13K less than it just assessed for. Yard’s great. But it needs work. One of the tasks for this week is to go ahead and list everything we want to do to the house without regard for timeframes or costs, and just make the list. So we have the start of a battle plan.

I’m excited to be back in our own place again, but also am a little terrified.

At least I have a new topic to blog about, right?