House Hunting, Round 2

So last night, we went down to Savage to look at another batch of houses with our realtor, Tom, who’s a pretty good guy, and very tolerant of Kate’s and my banter.

So we looked at two we’d previously seen, one we found online that we loved, and one that was new to us.

Of the two we previously saw, one I liked and one Kate liked. In revisiting them, though, the one I liked I was no longer with enamored with, and the one Kate liked she was no longer enamored with.

The one that was new to us was okay. It wasn’t great, however.

Then there was my “dream” house. We found this one online just after it came onto the market, and since looking at the listing, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

We looked at it, and I fell in love. We realized that the space was pretty flexible. It was definitely the strongest of any we’d seen, but it was also much more expensive (and within our budget). Thus, we didn’t have any point of comparison, so we didn’t jump on making an offer.

Friday, we’ll be looking at a few more in the same price/features range and we’ll go from there.

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