House Hunting, Round 3

So Friday afternoon, we went and looked at a few more places that were comparable to the “dream house”… We also looked at that one again, too. Unsurprisingly, nothing really stacked-up to the one we liked so much. A lot of places we looked at had tiny yards, poorly thought-out floorplans, or were in dire need of updates.

The result? At 0745 on Saturday morning, we were in the realtor’s office, filling out paperwork to make an offer and to put up our earnest money. When we left, I figured we’d hear back by Monday.

While I was at the shop, up to my elbows in grease, Kate called me and let me know that we had a counteroffer and that it was definitely worth accepting. She swung by so I could sign off on it, then she jetted over to Kinko’s to fax it to the realtor.

Our closing date is set for Thursday, July 28th. We’ll be moving that weekend.

We’ll post pictures once we’ve closed. I’ll try to sneak in there that Friday night after work and shoot a bunch so you can see it before we paint and move stuff in.

5 thoughts on “House Hunting, Round 3”

    • Actually, we’re paying for movers this time. Last time, I think we wore out our goodwill — we were abandoned about 90% of the way through the move.

  1. Congrats! I look forward to seeing the pictures of the place.

    I’ve bought two homes and refinanced twice and I think only once did the closing happen on time. It has always slipped anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. I hope yours goes smoothly and finishes on time, but be aware that the actual closing date could slip a bit.

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