If a Blog Falls in the Woods and No One Was Around to Hear It…

Yeah. I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Since getting back from the funeral trip, really. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say — it’s that I’m planning what to say. I think I’ll be tightening the focus on this blog quite considerably over the next few months.

It’s good. Really. The car is running, but still burning a bit of coolant. Will be getting her in for a full pressure-check on the coolant system to see where the hell she’s leaking from. In the meantime, however, lets talk about bikes!

Bikes rule! And there’s going to be a lot more about them in this blog in the coming months. And a lot of bike stuff this weekend.


  • Re-do blueprint on Fang’s bike.
  • Print mitering templates for Fang’s bike.
  • Order some components from both Nova and Henry James.
  • Print mitering templates for Justin’s seatstays.
  • Buy hacksaw.
  • Create mitering templates for Justin’s and Fang’s stay bridges.


  • Pick up order from Discount Steel in Minneapolis.
  • Adjust/fix Paul’s chainstays.
  • Cap Paul’s seatstays.
  • Do Paul’s bottle bosses.
  • Face Paul’s head tube.


  • Miter/prep Justin’s chainstays and dropouts.
  • Tack Justin’s chainstays to frame.
  • Build Justin’s chainstay and seatstay bridges.
  • Build Fang’s seatstay bridge.
  • Build Fang’s HT/DT assembly if parts are here.