Ignite Recap

Ignite was good. I could be a real shit and leave you with just that summary, but why? So much interesting stuff.

As usual, there’s some rumbling from people about the noise and the topics and so on. I think the biggest mistake these people are making is that they’re operating under the assumption that this is the localized version of TED Talks. And it’s pretty clearly not — the topic list that’s presented ahead of time clearly indicates that. Watching last year’s videos would be good reinforcement.

Presentations I enjoyed: “Chicks are the New Dicks”, and “All I Need to Know About Management I Learned from Ace of Cakes” were both quite good. I also learned about pivot tables in Excel, something I’d been meaning to do for a long time now.

Every year there’s a topic that’s interesting, but gets drowned out by the crowd because it’s more in-line with a TED Talk. In this case, it was “Japanese Gardens in Minnesota: Examples of Sustainability.”

Had a great time. Finally met @DJLindJr and @lindsi. Saw @smuggli, @veloveggies, @rribbitz, and @missashe all for the first time in awhile. Also met @rjdanger, @kilgette, and @DerekShaneLowe, all for the first time — both via Twitter and IRL. And somehow missed @deseraev again.

So yeah, a great time, good conversation, unlocked two Foursquare badges. I think I talked too much at some points. But still. Had an excellent time. Hoping to see some of these people out on the bike, or in other social situations, rather than in the confines of the Bedlam Theater.

Depending on how things go with my side project, I might even present next year.

4 thoughts on “Ignite Recap

  1. Next month, next year, whenever the next ignitempls is I want you to present! And not just b/c I want to heckle you.

    And hey, let’s do one of those real conversations sometime – and soon!

  2. here’s what I think:

    The whole event was dominated by the social media crowd. It was how people got tickets, and the presenters were mostly the local social media elite. There really wasnt anything inspiring. There’s room to do better. I hope someone throws IgniteMPLS 3 soon. Other cities are on their 8th event. Check out these topics from PDX on Wednesday. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CA481F9D10785D59

    • The Portland stuff is really quite good, and yeah, you make a great point about the source of the people and how it ties into the type of audience that shows up. Not sure if that can be rectified, though.

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