I’m Back

So it’s been awhile since my last post. Partly because I had a short week at the office last week and a normal workload. I got everything done, then blew town for Vegas, which was awesome, as usual.

The first thing you’ll have noticed is that I reverted back to the old theme I’d been using. The garish one was too damn obnoxious for my tastes. The second thing you’ll notice is that I deleted all the accumulated spam in here. (Okay, maybe you didn’t.)

Life: Wedding preparations are starting to roll. We’ve got a location, but it’s going to necessitate two separate lists — one for the ceremony (small) and one for the reception (huge). I want Kate to walk down the aisle to “Brick House” by the Commodores. She’s having nothing of that.

Bike: ‘Cross season starts this weekend and I’m not really ready. But I’m going to hit it anyway. Might as well suffer a bit and use it as training. Worst case scenario is that it becomes training for next year. Framebuilding class is starting soon. Real soon. Oh yeah, and the debacle with my RA’ed mountain bike shoes has been resolved. Got them. Heat treating them tonight.

Writing: I think I’m finally completely burned-out on reading. Vacation’ll do that. To maintain my relationship with the written word, I’ll be trying to wrap-up the rough draft for Bubble over the next few weeks. Hoping to keep it under 130,000 words. Going to be close. After that, I have to start my next novel, which is about humanity’s first (indirect) contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.