I’m Really Not That Good

Okay, despite the score/level shown, I am really not the Bejeweled shark that this image would make me out to be. And no, this isn’t a Photoshop job. This is being used as evidence of a bug in Pop Cap’s game Bejeweled 2 (for the iPhone).

Want to score eleventy bajillion points and get that dirty feeling of shame at the same time? Here’s what you do.

Start a normal game of Bejeweled 2. Start trucking along. When you get to the point where you have no more moves left, the blocks are going to wiggle and explode.

Very quickly hit the home button on the phone (you know, the one with the square on it). This will take you back to your screen full o’ apps. Hit the Bejeweled 2 icon again, wait for it to start. Then hit select Classic Game. The phone will ask you if you want to resume your previous game. Yes, you do.

The game will restart you at the beginning of the level you FAILed at, with the same score you started the level with.

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