In My Time Here

Brooklyn Home Office
Not my office.

Today marks the last day at my current job. I started here in February of 2008, on a six-month contract, as the economy was tanking. I’ve outlasted that contract and numerous other full-time employees who fell victims to downsizing. It’s also the longest block of time I’ve spent at a single employer since the start of my adult life (provided you don’t count that block of Army/Reserves/National Guard time as a single job).

I won’t miss the desk nor the actual environment. The consulting company I worked for, however, is top-notch, and their founder is the kind of boss I always wanted to work for. But that can’t keep me in my current role. There’s things I need to be able to do in my career that I can’t get as a contractor at a Fortune 100 company. I need to grow in responsibilities, contribute to a company in a meaningful way, and feel like I’m part of a team. I also need variety in my day-to-day tasks, which is something I don’t really have right now.

So I’m moving on. I’ve got a new gig, I start Monday, and I’m extremely excited about the opportunity.

Looking back on these past four years, though? Some of the best of my life:

Eventful, no?