Introducing: Happy

Continuing with the introduction of our little armada, let’s move on to Happy.

Happy, outside on the deck.
Happy, outside on the deck.

Happy is Kate’s cat, and there’s little doubt about that. While she and I were dating, my arrival at her place was cause for celebration in a “Yes! Testosterone! Lets watch some football!” kind of way, because well, Kate being a girl, and Vinnie (our fourth cat in this series) being a girl, despite his hardware, Happy didn’t get much chance for dude time. Since the cohabitation, however, it’s become more and more clear that Happy is a momma’s boy.

He’s the oldest of our four and tied for second place on my favorites list. He seems to be a “gateway cat” for cat haters, too. He’s got the easygoing, friendly attitude of an older black lab, which has led to me calling him “puppycat” on a frequent basis.

He’s close to Scout on my favorites list, but not close enough to tie for first. Extremely well-behaved, socially fearless, and still very much a kitten at heart, I suspect that Happy is going to be around for a long time.

Nicknames: Happenstance, McSlapperton, Haps, Puppycat.

Age: 10.

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  1. He doesn’t look very happy there…but he reminds me a lot of my departed Pyewacket, so he must be a good guy.

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