Hi Internet. I haven’t really babbled to you much lately. Things have been insane lately, and I’m not doing particularly well.

I’ll leave out work and home life — because they’re both firmly in the category of shitshow right now. And unfortunately, since they’re what occupies most of my time, I haven’t had a meaningful update here since early April (and even that wasn’t great). Neither of those two things are in a position to be discussed at-length right now. But those days are coming soon.

Leaving out that the personal stuff, since I last updated:

  • Prince died.
  • Drumpf secured the GOP nomination.

Both of these are fucking disasters.

Other things that have sucked hard:

  • Been almost two months since I last spoke with my best friend, and I’m trying to let go of it.
  • Haven’t been out to ride my bike much, either the weather has been shitty, or I’ve been too sick to ride.
  • Having some issues with my Macbook Pro — issues with the SMC being flaky, resulting in the machine not wanting to recognize external USB drives. They work on other Macs, just not on mine. Genius Bar soon.
  • General malaise. I think this is largely the icky spring weather combined with the aforementioned factors. I’m doing some stuff to snap myself out of this funk, but man, it’s work.
  • Bought a theme to run this site on, but damn if it doesn’t suck hard. Reverted back to Twenty Fifteen for now, think I’m going to crank out my own using Zurb Foundation, and some nifty typographic shit.

So that’s it, Internet. That’s what’s been going on. I’m pretty exhausted — mentally, physically, and emotionally. But you know, all things change, and the stress will pass, life will evolve, and eventually things will be good again.

Hope you’re all well. Share some good news with me in the comments.

Image Credits: Derek Robinson/.