It Seems I Only Update Once Weekly

Okay, not really. I just haven’t had a lot of time to post here, which sucks, because I was just starting to build up some readership (per Google Analytics).

Wedding prep continues. We discovered that we under-registered, so we’re looking to add a few things. Ordering invites tonight or tomorrow. Groomsmen gifts tonight, too. Got to figure out the stuff for my groomschicks yet. Talked to Kate, we have a good idea. Just need the personalizing touch.

The framebuilding thing is chugging right along. I got the new website up and going, and while it still needs some tweaks, it’s a damn sight better than the old one. As for the bikes themselves, the 29’er is about a day’s work away from finished. It’s down to just the small details. Right behind it in the queue is the commuter frame, which is approaching completion, as well. I should have two bikes to show at Minnecycle, at the pace things are going. Expect a whole slew of photos about a week from now, showing off the finished work.

The integration of our TempCat™1 has concluded. Max is pretty much part of the family now, which is cool, but it’s going to be tough on everyone in a few weeks’ time when he goes back to Jimmy’s place. He fits in quite well and has turned into a pretty affectionate guy. It’ll be hardest on him, because I think he’s adapted quickly to having feline friends, something he doesn’t have at his usual place.

Like many geeks today, I will be watching and salivating over the Apple WWDC. Going to be hard, having geeklust for new products.

Beyond that, not a whole ton to report, Internet. Hope you’re well!

1. Original TempCat technology was pioneered by John Scalzi.