Kick Ass Weekend

So yeah, it was a pretty cool weekend. I kinda forgot I had registered for Saturday’s Dirty Benjamin, a 107-mile gravel race that starts here in Chaska. Untrained, and with no gravel-capable bike, I had to bow out. Oy.

For most of the weekend, we’ve been slogging away at getting stuff ready so that we can start moving immediately after we close on the new house on the 30th, so that’s eaten up the lion’s share of things.


So the morning started off okay, I suppose. Got to work and got down to business. Partway through the morning, Kate called to let me know that the VA appraisal came through, and they actually valued the house at higher than the agreed-upon price, and did not include any orders to repair anything additional items. This means we’re clear to close on the 30th. New house time!

Got home late after my late afternoon meeting kept me around past my normal bus. Had to walk in from the Park & Ride, which isn’t really too bad — it’s about two miles — and Friday was far more tolerable, temperature-wise, than previous days, so I got to relax and unwind. The in-laws were here, which is always nice. We were expecting to get the AC hooked back up this weekend, but with the ground behind the house slumping further, the unit couldn’t be put in-place. Fuck me.


I don’t remember much of the morning, honestly. I did spend a bunch of time introducing Eddy to the huge glut of Space LEGO that my brother and i had left from the 80’s, and we had a blast. Found some ancient pieces in there that were from my very first set, circa 1977 or so. That’s some old plastic.

Afterwards, I got my butt up to Minneapolis, where I finally got to put names to faces for some people I’d been following on Twitter for some time now, and met some new people as well. It was a reminder that I need to stop being a hermit and to start crafting a healthy social life once we’re back in Minneapolis on a full-time basis.

After that, I did some work on configuring my mail server and some creative work for my freelancing site, which I hope to have online soon.


Got up early and got down to business. It order:

  • went to gas station, filled up can for lawnmower
  • extracted lawnmower from garage
  • filtered stuff for sale/keep
  • mowed yard
  • fixed DSL at the box on the back of the hosue
  • finished mowing yard
  • more filtering of stuff (mostly books and DVDs)
  • tuned up bike
  • shaved legs
  • took a very short bike ride with the kids in the Burley
  • dinner
  • put kids to bed
  • cleaned-up garage area to fight another day
  • worked with Kate on calendar planning the summer through the end of September — it’s insane
  • work stuff before bed

So that’s where I’m at. Super-productive, super-awesome weekend.