Learn to Build Bicycle Frames

I get this question a lot: “how do I learn to build frames?” Generally, my response covers two methods: 1.) find someone locally to you that will take you on as an apprentice, or 2.) pay to learn from a framebuilder who offers classes.

Focusing on the latter portion of this explanation, there are four sources that I know of that are great places to learn (and if you have any further suggestions, please post them in the comments section):

Paul Wyganowski — my instructor, who learned from Tim Paterek. He’s also taught Vincent Dominguez and is working with a new student currently. Classes are one-on-one. Based out of Princeton, Minnesota (about 45 minutes north of Minneapolis).

Koichi Yamaguchi — I don’t personally know anyone who’s learned from him, but that he used to be the head framebuilder at 3Rensho speaks his work. Based out of Rifle, Colorado.

Doug Fattic — based in Michigan, Doug has trained large numbers of builders.

UBI — a school environment that teaches the craft, and boasts some great framebuilders on their faculty. Two locations in Oregon.

If you know of any other builders that teach, or schools that exist to teach this, please mention them in the comments section.