One of things that’s bugged me since leaving college, Internet, is that I can feel my brain slipping away as time goes by. This is doubtless the result of not feeding it enough in the last eleven or so years, and is compounded by the advent of microblogging and typical Gen-X malaise. The combined factors have turned my brain into a thin gruel wherein occasionally a pair of neurons will pass close enough to one another form a synapse, a spark will jump, and I will have a fleeting Thought of My Very Own™.

In the past year, I have endeavored to learn new things. In late 2008, I finally got around to taking formal swimming lessons which, for me, was a pretty big accomplishment. This year, I’ve been all about the framebuilding class. I’m learning a wide variety of things there — welding, frame design, metallurgy, and all-around general awesomeness.

There are two other things that I’m eager to learn — photography and a martial art. The former, I’ve always wanted to learn, and Kate and I have been discussing taking that class together (and buying a nice D-SLR). The latter I want to pursue because the old skills I developed have gone badly rusty — last year, while wrestling with Kate’s brother Drew at the family camping trip, I was in a position where I found myself thinking, “Well, from here I can either kill him or get my ass kicked. Neither of these is a positive outcome.”

After I’m a learned scholar of photography and kicking ass, I think I’m going to start looking for low-cost and free classes on a wide variety of subjects, just so that I can continue to keep my brain happy. The sources will be community education classes, MCTC, and probably the U of MN.

A few of the other things I want to learn:

  • beer making
  • public speaking
  • sword making
  • gardening
  • lead climbing
  • to play an instrument other than the Rock Band guitar

2 thoughts on “Learnificating

  1. Yo, Dan, when you’re ready to learn about making beer, just let me know. Been doing it since my mother taught me how at 16. For that matter, Lars and Bob have been wanting to make a run at it, and all my beer gear is out at Castle Erickson so we could invade there for a weekend and have some fun (and make a total mess!)

  2. Sounds awesome. However, I doubt I’ll have an entire weekend free anytime between now and after my honeymoon. Call it a hunch. 🙂

    This weekend, I’m shopping for square-tube steel, racing ‘cross, and hunting for a tuxedo, just to give you an idea.

    But I’d definitely be down for some enlearnination at some point.

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