Let’s Make It Mandatory!

General Motors, it seems, has finally figured out that they need to innovate to get ahead of the Japanese car makers. One of their new pieces of technology is an augmented-reality windshield. The idea is pretty cool, but I think it needs something.

I’d like to make this technology mandatory, but I’d like the ability to include some functionality that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article (and seems to be a pretty serious oversight). Specifically, I want the cameras to look for a IR-based transponder signal from a small battery-powered device that I could clip to my messenger bag or the back of my seat. The car would then circle the visible cyclist with a HUGE RED CIRCLE THAT FLASHES CONTINUOUSLY so that there’s no mistaking exactly WTF the driver is seeing. No more of the “oh, well, I didn’t see the bicyclist” excuses after they’ve crushed someone with their Ford Exxonvaldez MegaSUV that can carry a platoon of infantry.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to pair that red ring with a nice, friendly little voiceover inside the car that says, “You are approaching a cyclist. Don’t be a douche, okay?”

3 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Mandatory!”

  1. I’d like that same transponder for the back of my motorcycle, please, and let’s build one into the backpacks for schoolchildren as well.

  2. Not a bad idea…you should write a letter!

    Though I can’t see covering up the windshield (as it is in the photo accompanying the article) as being a good thing. And I wonder about the environmental effects of windshields coated with phosphors.

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