Life Cannot be Scheduled

You can’t always rely on a schedule to get you through a day and get everything accomplished. I managed to miss yesterday’s post, but that’s okay. With a hectic day at the office, a good happy hour, some post-happy hour drama (which I won’t delve into here), and accomplishing a bunch of housework when I got home, I didn’t end up finding the time for a blog post. And that’s okay — what would I have written about? “Oh boy! I’m really looking forward to that post-work beer!” Or, “Hey! I just emptied the litterboxes!”

Oh Monday, I’ll be back to the planned schedule — writing about writing. And since I’ve been plugging away at that a bit lately, too, I should actually have a post with some substance.

Plans for the weekend?

  • get the new Fontosaurus design layer up
  • help my future-brother-in-law move
  • hit up the bike swap at the velodrome with Morgan

The last of those items in non-negotiable. The remainder are subject to life.