Life Goals: Current Batch

Inspired by my former co-worker, Jeff, and his recent post about having career/life goals (tl;dr: you can have a five-year plan, but also need to be flexible enough to seize opportunities).

I’ve never really had a five-year plan. Or any sort of plan, actually. Just a bunch of vague hand-waving about things I’d like to do, but never any real strategy for going after any of it. Obviously, the first step of this is to build the list.

The List

  • make sure that on my 10th anniversary my wife wouldn’t hesitate to marry me all over again (I’ll ask and report back here)
  • learn to speak Italian and Japanese
  • have at least one book published
  • get my shit together so I can have a framebuilding business and have it be my primary job, no later than age 55
  • own a Nissan GT-R, 2011-2014 vintage
  • see a Shakespeare performance at The Globe
  • knock off at least half of my bicycling bucket list
  • get another degree (AAS, Machining Technology; certificate in TIG welding)