Life Recap of Thursday Through Sunday

All in all, I’d call it a pretty successful last 96 hours or so.

I’ll rewind to Wednesday at the office, which was pretty quiet. I got a lot of stuff done, and occasionally looked out the windows at the blowing shitstorm that MN threw at us.

Thursday was a busy one. Kate and I did dinner at my mom’s place and a visit to my dad and stepmom’s place. Typical Thanksgiving fare.

On (Black) Friday, Kate had to work, and I had the day off. I drove to Princeton, of course, and got a bunch of work done. The front triangle of Paul’s bike is complete, so the next step there is to put the chainstays and rear dropouts onto it. That may or may not happen this coming weekend. I’d like to get more work done on Justin’s bike — I accidentally removed the seat tube from the bottom bracket during the cold-setting process this weekend and had to rebuild it. Minor delay there.

After all that fun, we went out for drinks with Dave and Kristin, who were in-town for the weekend, and were at Keegan’s until about 1:30 a.m. Hilarity ensued, as it frequently does.

Saturday, we drove up to Esko for another family Thanksgiving at Kate’s sister’s place, and it was a great time. I called it a night early, and slept a ton — have a sneaking suspicion that my body is in the early stages of kicking the shit out of a cold. Energy levels have been a bit low, but I have no other symptoms yet.

Today, we drove back down. Kate slept on the couch while I watched the rest of the Vikings game and then a few episodes of Battlestar. Went to Target to do some errands, and now as I write this, I’m prepping for Monday.