Lifey Things

So it would appear that Scout has a bit of a crush on our financial advisor. She came over last night and we went through a lot of stuff, including signing up for life insurance, getting a Traditional IRA set up, and an emergency fund savings account set up. The whole time, Scout was rubbing up on her purse, flopping around and showing his belly, and sitting on the back of her chair and showing off what a fastidious, clean boy he is. He was pretty smitten, and that was obvious. Anyway, the meeting went pretty well, and we’re getting on-track to start getting our debt paid off, our savings built-up, and investment for retirement done. Awesome.

Tonight, Kate and I are going to look at a new gym. Snap Fitness, while close and convenient, isn’t cutting it. We both want places that have classes and we both want more than the facilities at Snap offer. We’re looking at — yes — Lifetime. I’ve heard great things about their facilities, but horrible things about their membership. I’m keeping an open mind on this one, of course, and eager to see how things play out. Ready to start training for the 2011 season, that’s for sure.

Speaking of which, I need to renew my Birchwood membership and my USACycling license in the coming months.

Framebuilding is coming along, but you don’t need another update on that. Operation: Pigsfly is still very much in the sketching/ideas phase of things right now. In the near future, I’ll scan some of the sketches and post them here.