Long Overdue Update on the 101 Things, Second Go-‘Round

So it’s been far, FAR too long since I’ve updated on my progress with the current iteration of 101 Things in 1001 Days. Not since November of 2013. I think that it’s fair to say that I’ve completely fallen off track on this attempt and that it’s unlikely that I’ll even hit 50% completion. Life gets in the way sometimes, I guess.

Accomplished since November 2013:
37. Watch a meteor shower.
45. Try 10 new (to me) restaurants

So, you know, not much. Given that I was helping raise two boys and hunting for a new job for most of 2013, that’s really not surprising.

With all that said, there’s a few things I can hammer off the list pretty quickly:

31. Learn to play Go
33. Watch 10 Academy Award (“Best Picture”) movies that I haven’t seen previously (5/10)
74. Identify 10 constellations (1/10)
85. Spend an entire day in a vow of silence
98. Read two Ernest Hemingway novels (0/2)

In the more medium-term, here’s what I want to tackle:

3. Build personal cyclocross frame
7. Hone my wheelbuilding skills
22. Using raw materials, build my own chainstay fixture
28. Design a new font
29. Release old fonts under the GPL
57. Complete the 100 push-up program
84. No TV for a month
99. Read two William Faulkner novels (0/2)
100. Self-publish two medium-length works (~50K words)