Minnecycle Prep

So I’m hauling ass to get ready for the Minnecycle show. I’ve got my display stands taken care of. I know which bikes I want to show. And I’m working on all the little biz collateral.

The mailing list continues to grow. It’s approaching 200 people now. I’ve got sign-up sheets prepared for Minnecycle for anyone who wants to get on the list (and planning a biz card drop for same).

I’m ordering some QR code stickers this week for my mobile site.

I’m building out the mobile site over the course of the next week.

The next email campaign will be going on the 7th. That’s mostly ready to go.

Display stand is acquired, built and ready to rock. Some cut vinyl is being ordered to make it more than just a bland piece of metal.

Minnesota-specific email announcements are underway. Facebook/Twitter pre-scheduled stuff is already ready to go.

Need new business cards, too.