Minor Lifehacks: Diet

In the interest of being successful at the overhaul I’m enacting on my life, I’ve realized that I need to combine small changes to existing habits using habit stacking rather than trying to make one gigantic change and eventually failing at it. “Eating a healthy diet” isn’t something that happens overnight.

My diet has been my one weak spot for a long time. A very long time. I love me some food and when you consider what my metabolism was like up until recently, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and not gain much in the way of weight. Until the age of 35, I hovered right around 175 to 180 pounds and was pretty much lean muscle. Now I have a bit of a belly going and I weigh 211. That’s because I eat like shit, I eat for convenience, and my job is far more sedentary than my last one.

So I’m tackling the unhealthy aspect of my food now — I’m targeting what I consume. I’ve been working to eliminate chips and crackers entirely from my diet. When I have the urge to eat either of them, which is still pretty often, I have almonds instead. It fulfills my need for crunchy/salty food, and the health benefits are more protein in my diet and the omega 3 fatty acids are good for my cholesterol levels, which are surprisingly not horrible1, but could use some attention.

The other big thing I’m working to eliminate from my diet is soda. It needs to be gone. I realize that just switching to water is going to take a couple of steps. Right now, the plan is to alleviate the need for sweets by switching from soda to San Pellegrino Limonata — no high-fructose corn syrup, 88% of the calories of Mt. Dew, and 71% of the sugars of Mt. Dew. It’s a start. Eventually, the plan is to step down to La Croix flavored water, and then to just plain water.

So those are my starting points on the dietary side of the house. The next will be the protein shake breakfast daily with a mix of low-glycemic fruits, plain Greek yogurt, protein powder, a dash of Udo’s oil (for the heart healthy aspect),

What’re you working on changing?