Miscellaneous Shit

It’s been awhile since I had one of the posts full of random shit. It seems like it might be time, I guess. Mostly because I feel like rambling a bit, and don’t really want to take the time to fully hash out things into their own standalone posts.

The House

Had been planning on a new kitchen in the spring. Looks like it’s going to be siding instead. Blargh. There’s a protected species of woodpeckers that have been blasting away at our siding this summer and it’s doing a number on it. If they weren’t protected by law, I’d buy a pellet rifle and give those little fuckers their own private Vietnam. Alas, protected. Looking like new siding (JamesHardie), which is going to cost almost $20K. Blargh.

The Bike

Hasn’t been a great year. Been having back issues, and they’ve gotten way worse since I was in a car accident last Friday. I hope to be riding again soon, but I’m unsure what that’ll look like. I got the Powertap hub working again, so I should have no problem making the switch from training with heart rate to training with power. Setting up a training plan and easing into a regular routine is my main focus right now. I plan to ride a few winter events this year, just to keep my motivation up — the Get Phat with Pat 2-race series at the River Bottoms is definitely on the list again this year.


Been hacking away at a WordPress plugin, some udpates to this site1, and a WordPress plugin that I’ve been calling Iceberg. Also, I’m building a 3D printer as a side project, which has been fun.


It’s going…okay. Could be better.


There’s a black cat in the neighborhood, it has this tendency to hang out in our yard. It’s cute, it’s facial features kinda remind me of Max, and it seems very curious about the cats that live inside other houses. Like Calvin. Who goes ballistic apeshit whenever he sees Black Cat peeking in the window at him…or in the yard…or on Earth anywhere, really. Anyway, yesterday, I realized that Black Cat is pretty badly cross-eyed and can’t see particularly well. Why? Because he was in the bushes out front, and there were two squirrels that came within two feet of him while foraging. He just sat there and looked confused. Every so often the squirrels would stop, look at him for a few long seconds of stress-freezing, and then be like, “yup, just checking,” before going back to their work. I got a good chuckle out of this and when I did, Black Cat looked back in my direction, and I was like, “Yeah, got it. Crossed eyes. You poor bastard.”

Black Cat belongs to a neighbor a few houses down. You can pet Black Cat, but you will get some pretty fierce love chomps from him during the process.