A Mish-Mash of Things

So there’s all sorts of manner of things I haven’t really talked about on here that I need to cover. Each one of these could be a really long blog post in itself, but that might be a bit…excessive. So here’s what’s happening in as short a post as possible.

This kid is growing up far too fast.  Stop growing, Eddy!Eddy

Eddy is your typical three-year old. Testing boundaries, pushing back, and generally being three. On the other hand, he’s also still super-charming, adorable, and integrating into the world more and more. He’s in pre-pre-school now (“a taste of preschool”), and loves it. He turns into a sobbing mess when he has to leave. Favorite movie: Big Hero 6.


A few months ago he had a four work vocabulary (baby, Eddy, mama, dada) — now he just screeches like a mynah bird when he wants something. We’re working on sleep training and it can go either way. Monday night, he slept through the night from 7pm to 5am. I was pretty excited. Tuesday night we did not manage to repeat. Based on my friend Amelia’s advice, we snagged Pantley’s The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers, and I’ve been digging into it. For our sanity it’s pretty important that the little guy sleep through the night. Favorite movie: whatever Eddy is watching.


Training is going well, as I mentioned on Tuesday. I’ve also scraped together alllllmost enough cash to order all the parts for a new CX/gravel crusher frame. I’m very excited. I was originally going to go with some basic Nova CrMo tubes to save money, but opted for Columbus Zona instead. A little more pricey, but whatevs.


Going pretty well right now. We had a re-org and I’m in a new group at work — still have the same desk, responsibilities, and job title, so not much has changed there. But I’m also very excited about my new boss(es), the direction we’re going, and the plan to get there. The Big Ass project went live at the end of January and is in mop-up status, fixing the non-critical bugs and adding some functionality, and I’m inheriting new stuff, too. So I’m pretty much psyched.

Self-Improvement and Therapy

These are going well. There’s more EMDR therapy in my future, which I’m cool with. It’s pretty exhausting stuff, but the shit works. We’ve been focusing on the more traumatic aspects of childhood lately, and man. I’m completely wiped out by the end of it, but since my last session I feel less angry/rageful than usual. Even my snark is more gentle. What the hell is happening to me? Oh. Right. Self-improvement.


I’m keeping them mostly in-check. Trying to wrap up my email marketing book that I’ve been writing, and hope to have it finished some time in April.