Mistakes Were Made: CX Frame Build, Part 5

The project continues…slowly. So Saturday, I only had a three-hour window in which to accomplish that which needed to be done with the CX frame. The goal was to get the whole front triangle brazed and filleted together. In the end, after fine-tubing my miters some more, I got the two main substructures (Seat Tube/BB and Head Tube/Down Tube) all joined together. And I made a pretty fundamental mistake in the frame — it doesn’t render it unrideable or unsafe, so I am just going to run with it. Had I been building this for a client, it would have required a restart from scratch. And a lot of swearing.

I’m remaining positive about this little turn of events, though — why? Because things like this were why I decided to spend the next few years honing my craft. I need to make mistakes…so that I can learn from them. Right? In the end, it’s embarrassing, sure, but the chances of me doing it again are much reduced (and part of why I need to keep embracing that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach). It’s not even noticeable to the layperson at first (or even second or third) look. So c’est la vie. Fuck it. Onward and upward. We’ll kick it’s ass next time.

Next Time

Vent seat tube and heat tube, put in the top tube. Build the fillets. Align front triangle. Start prepping the chainstays, if time permits.


Pretty well fucked. If I have this thing for the Almanzo at all, it will be with unfinished fillets and without powdercoat. Again: c’est la vie.


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2 thoughts on “Mistakes Were Made: CX Frame Build, Part 5”

  1. As a hobbyist builder, i’m continually making mistakes. I have 2 bikes on the road and a 3rd partial bike in the stand waiting for a rear triangle. I’m dying to know what the mistake was!

    • Okay, oy. What’s the one fear of any framebuilder who’s not building a lugged frame?

      Yup. I put the bottom bracket shell on backwards. And didn’t realize until the front triangle was done. Since this is a personal bike, and a practice one at that, I’m a little embarassed, but I’m going to rock it anyway. The plan is to dope those threads with a medium-strength threadlocker and go to town on it.

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