Miter, Measure, Braze, Measure, Repeat

We’re moving right along with the first frameset. The bottom bracket and seat tube are stuck together, and the BB shell (eccentric) is drilled out and has binder bolts affixed. I don’t have any pictures of that, currently.

This weekend, I did attach the head tube and down tube to one another.

The head tube and down tube joined together, covered with flux and ready for brazing.
The head tube and down tube joined together, covered with flux and ready for brazing.

Look at that sexy join. That’s a hand-filed miter, kids. And the opposite side is just as tight. That’s a file, a protactor, and a lot of frigging patience. But you know what? I love doing it, and I think hand-filing is the way to go. I don’t think I’ll ever bother milling — not even when I start working in titanium.*

The final braze of the HT/DT joint.
The final braze of the HT/DT joint. Still needs filing and finishing, but that comes later.

So yeah. It’s been going pretty good so far. That’s the end result of the brazing shown there. I was quick enough and careful enough with my heat where it didn’t pull when it cooled unevenly, and the end result is that the angle is spot-on. It’s not at the stage where I need to file/finish the joint yet. That happens when the frame finally comes together completely.

Also done this last weekend: dissection of a steel tandem frame that was rusting from the inside out. It was a very enlightening view of the need for large, well-done vent holes and the need to clean leftover silver flux (corrosive) out of the frame.

During the week this week, I need to take an inventory of the parts I have so I can figure out what I still need to order to finish the build. I think all I need at this point are the hubs and headset (Chris King for both), and that should be it. I also need to track down a painter. There are a couple of options here in the Twin Cities, so I can figure something out.

Next week, I’ll be joining the down tube to the bottom bracket/seat tube combo, and time permitting, I’ll be sticking a top tube in there, too, and drilling out the holes for the cable routing.

* Probably not until late 2011.