Monday. Fuck.

Didn’t we have one of these last week? Because it sure seems like it.

Sunday did not go entirely according to plan, of course. I wound up taking more time to do a lot of tasks than I should have, and then we did a few shopping trips — Home Depot, Petsmart, Target, and Cub Foods. I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money. And time. Lovely.

It’s not all bad these days, though. I’m really enjoying the variety of species we have in Savage, compared to Nordeast. Much greater variety, including species I hadn’t seen in the last decade or so, including goldfinches and red-headed finches. Our bird feeder, which I filled up two weeks ago, is already half empty. I’ll refill that, and probably get around to hanging the hummingbird feeder sometime this week, too. If nothing else, it’s fantastic entertainment for the cats. Calvin and Happy spend big chunks of their mornings staring out the front window and chattering quietly. I haven’t seen Vinnie do any of that, but he’s become more of a recluse since the move (big steps back in the socialization), and Scout’s more interested in the window downstairs that looks out under the deck. (A little exploring on my part revealed a swallow’s nest in the structure under the deck. I plan to leave it there.)

Installed a new shower head in the master bath last night. Tonight, I’m changing a light in the garage, fixing a towel hook in the master bath, and eating some leftovers when I get home around 9 p.m. (Gotta work at the bike shop tonight.) I’m also going to do some measurements and start calculating how much drywall and insulation I’m going to need for the garage, as that’s gotta get done soon. There’s also the issue of heat and better lighting/electrical feeds. And I gotta figure out how we’re going to pay for it all, as part of this. (And once those are up, I’ll build out some more-permanent/sturdy workbenches.)

On the bike side of things, I need to do some quick “oops” work on a frame I’ve been working on and get it ready to go to paint. I’ll probably start that tonight, as long as I’m in the garage.

Four months from today, I’ll be 39. Fuck me in the ear.