Money Makeover: April 2015

Welcome to the return of the Money Makeover posts…I’ve decided to go bimonthly on these because, well, we’re not making much progress lately.

Starting in the hole: $74,000. (Includes the fancy new minivan.)
Current debt load: Unknown to me. I should have a better idea of this. Ugh.

Step 2: Debt Snowball

We’re still stuck on the one final credit card. And I foresee us being stuck there for awhile — we’re trying to save up to buy a house, after committing to spending another year in Chaska. Seems reasonable to me. Our current situation is tough on Kate (being extremely far away from all her friends), and I’d like to be closer to the city, too (even if it means losing my awesome-long bike commute).

Emotional State

3/10. Meh. We went into this program with the best of intentions, and right now it feels like we’re never going to get ahead. And that kinda sucks. To be fair, we haven’t been living super-frugally, either. We’re going to get out of this hole, dammit…it just might take a little longer than planned. In the meantime, I’m exploring some ideas, including the possibility of a second job at a few hours per week, and snagging some freelance work here and there to help get the bills paid.